Our products

Love for the product, quality and good service, that's what we stand for at Vishandel Klooster. In addition to our Enkhuizer smoked fish label, we also produce private label packaging in vacuum, MAP or skin. This can be done with wrapper, sleeve or label. With the new HPP technique that can be applied to vacuum or skin packaging, we can extend the shelf life of most products considerably. This way we offer a suitable solution for every customer.


Own farms

With our own means of transport, we transport the fully grown farmed eels from the Nijvis farms to our company premises in Enkhuizen every day. Fourteen troughs guarantee a constant working stock and a super fresh starting product. Experienced employees use modern machines to ensure that eels are processed quickly and hygienically into semi-finished products ready for smoking.

The stunner

Vishandel Klooster has developed a machine together with Wageningen University and a machine builder from Norway, the Stunner. With the Stunner, the eel is stunned painlessly within a few seconds so that it can then be processed.

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since 1922

Every day we passionately smoke eel, salmon, trout, herring, mackerel and halibut on beech wood.

The smoking process takes approximately 3 to 4 hours. Interim checks guarantee a perfect temperature and thus the softness and cooking of the final product.

Distinctive taste

Our hot smoked fish products are smoked on certified beech wood. This gives a distinctive, specific and creamy taste to the final product.

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Hand filleted

Every day our colleagues fillet many smoked fish species by hand. This allows us to be even more in control of the quality of the end product.


After filleting, our smoked eel is skinned by hand using a spoon. This keeps the structure and colour of the fillet nice because the layer of fat remains on the fillet.

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Quality service


Vishandel Klooster has its own quality department that checks and tests the products daily, according to the guidelines of the NVWA. This is how quality is guaranteed.

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To guarantee the freshness and texture of our products, we pack our fish products as quickly as possible. 

HPP technology

With HPP technology ( High Pressure Processing ) we can significantly extend the shelf life of fish products. This technique can be applied to vacuum or skin packaging.

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After packing, our products are distributed to wholesalers, supermarkets, restaurants, market stalls and fish retailers.

Own transport

Vishandel Klooster has its own transport. This allows us to be flexible and respond quickly to get the goods to the right address.

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