Whole smoked eel


Eel (FISH) (Anguilla anquilla) 98.7% (aquaculture product from: see packaging), salt 1.3%, smoke.

The eel is farmed in one of our eel farms. Vishandel Klooster BV is part of the Nijvis group. In addition to Vishandel Klooster BV, the Nijvis group also has three eel farms and a glass eel collecting station. Sustainability has been an important driver. That is why the eel has been given the ESF label.

ESF / Eel Stewardship Fund was established to finance activities that contribute to the recovery of eel stocks in European inland waters.

Glass eels are caught and used for reproduction and a portion is used for farming and eventually consumption.

The farmed eel is a soft eel that can be eaten straight from the bone after smoking. It has a buttery smooth and creamy taste. Smoking the eel on beech wood gives it a specific and distinctive flavour. This fish is also rich in vitamin D and Omega 3 fatty acids.

Sortings Gram/pieces Product number
Box 3 kg 15
Box 4 kg 16
Box 5 kg 17

Legal allergens

Value Ingredients
Bevat Vis
Bevat niet Melk, Ei, Soja, Glutenbevattende granen, Tarwe, Rogge, Schaaldieren, Noten, Pinda's, Sulfiet (E220 - E228), Selderij, Sesam, Lupine, Mosterd, Weekdieren, Gerst, Haver, Spelt, Khorasantarwe, Amandelen, Hazelnoten, Walnoten, Cashewnoten, Pecannoten, Paranoten, Pistachenoten, Macadamianoten

Nutritional Values

Nutritional Values Per 100 (g) RI*/GDA
Energie ≈ 1117 kJ %
Energie ≈ 269 kcal %
Vet totaal ≈ 22 gram %
Waarvan verzadigd vet ≈ 5.8 gram %
Vet enkelvoudig onverzadigd ≈ 10.8 gram %
Vet meervoudig onverzadigd ≈ 3.9 gram %
Transvetzuren ≈ 0 gram %
Cholesterol ≈ 148 milligram %
Koolhydraten totaal ≈ 0 gram %
Waarvan suikers ≈ 0 gram %
Eiwit totaal ≈ 17.9 gram %
Zout ≈ 1.27 gram %
Natrium ≈ 0.508 gram %
Water ≈ 60.1 gram %
Toegevoegd suiker ≈ 0 gram %
*Reference intake of an average adult (8400 kJ/2000 kcal).